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18 Teams registered for the European Junior U19 Championships - strongest nations send their teams
Friday, 09 January 2009

18 nations have registered their teams when the entries closed yesterday on 8 January 2009 for the European Junior U19 Championships in Germering including the English team being the hottests candidate for the team title. The German team being the host of the event will do its very best to make it difficult for all other teams to run up.

"This is a very strong field", the Vice-President for competitive sport of the German Squash Federation (DSQV) Rudi Rohrmüller commented on the list of entries. "All leading nations will start in the event. We will have to count on England as top candidate for the team title, but also the French, German and Czech teams have good chances to run up during the event".

The members of the German team will be nominated by the German Head Coach Oliver Pettke midst of January.

The complete list of entries.

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