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Welcome from the European Squash Federation
Hugo Hannes
European Squash Federation
As President of the European Squash Federation it is an honour to welcome you all to Germering, Germany for the 2009 European Junior U19 Individual and Team Championships.

Having the opportunity to watch the most promising junior players in Europe – “the future of European squash” and hopefully “world squash” - is a privilege that we value enormously.

A number of players will already have visited Germany when they participated in the German Junior Open or the Pioneer Junior Open but these tournaments are so busy that there is hardly time to explore the German culture.

We realise that young athletes are very much focussed on their performances on court and that performing well at a European Championship must be one of their goals. However, we hope that you can agree with us that squash is only a part of education and development. These Championships gather together young players from many different European countries giving the opportunity not only to play squash but also to share thoughts and ideas from different cultures. ‘Open your heart to get an open mind’ - this is a message we strongly believe in and when you have all left Germany we hope you can say that it was a great experience and one that you will never forget.

Welcome to all the coaches, managers, parents and supporters because these young squash players need your support in order to achieve their goals.

Also, as you will appreciate, events like this are not possible without the collaboration of many people. The European Squash Federation would like to express its gratitude to the German Squash Federation, the Championships Director and the Championships Referee for holding this event. Together with them we thank the many volunteers who have helped to make these Championships a success. Hopefully their time and effort will be appreciated by the players and this will be demonstrated. How? By the players showing that they are responsible young adults who can behave responsibly both on and off court. Organisers often worry about the behaviour of players, especially in the hotel, so be a good sport and respect the work of the organisers and volunteers.

Last but not least: have fun, enjoy your game and be a fair young athlete!

Hugo Hannes
European Squash Federation

Welcome ECU19 HH/U19 Champs 2009

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